Is EOH a mobile dental clinic?


  • EOH is a team of licensed oral healthcare professionals who will integrate specific dental protocols into the nursing care program of an LTCF.

What protocols or services does EOH provide?

  • EOH will focus on providing professional care by a licensed dental hygienist to LTCF residents on an ongoing basis.
  • EOH will educate and support the nursing staff in the delivery of effective dental routines that ensure the optimal oral health of residents.

Why are these protocols important to a LTCF?

Long term studies consistently demonstrate that these protocols significantly reduce the incidence of influenza and life threatening pneumonia in LTCF settings.

As a result, EOH expects to see:

  • An improvement in the overall health of residents and an increase in the length of time that they reside in the LTCF.
  • A significant decrease in medical expenses related to oral disease within the LTCF.
  • A decreased need for resources dedicated to protocols implemented during transmittable disease outbreaks such as quarantine procedures.