Essential Oral Healthcare (EOH) is a team of dental professionals whose ultimate goal is to provide residents in Long Term Care Facilities with overall improved health through a monthly in house professional dental hygiene program.

For many years, oral health has been viewed as an elective service rather then an essential component of overall health. The contemporary healthcare culture is changing to reflect the growing need in long term care facilities.

EOH has identified a need to reduce the incidence of life threatening pneumonia in a vulnerable population. Pneumonia is the leading cause of illness and death in long term care residents. Oral plaque serves as reservoir of bacteria, which is known to cause recurrent respiratory infections. Adequate oral health is critical to reduce the incidence of pneumonia of these institutionalized elders.

Our vision at EOH is to protect a vulnerable aging population by bringing essential oral healthcare to the long term care facilities. We think outside the box by putting years of research into simple and practical care at your facility.

The level of care you provide to your residents will set a new industry standard.